Greetings everybody! I'm just curious how everyone is fairing so far

2022.01.25 20:29 DubsQuest Greetings everybody! I'm just curious how everyone is fairing so far

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2022.01.25 20:29 FurbyIsland Leaked image of a cut dolphin scene from the pilot

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2022.01.25 20:29 Ptap1 This is my go-to CASIO, something about it’s tamagotchi early 00’s aesthetic I guess?

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2022.01.25 20:29 thatrlyoatsmymilk Does anyone randomly have moments of remembering "oh wow, x really is dead"?

I know that might sound callous, but I lost my grandmother recently and since I lived a few states away from her, it would have been normal for me to go a few months without seeing her. So in that way, the months since her death have not been "abnormal" in terms of not seeing her but sometimes I will randomly during my day remember that she's dead, and it's like a zap/shock to my brain that pretty instantly alters my mood. Has anyone else had this experience?
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2022.01.25 20:29 Skoner_ Petty School Things

Hello hi, I'm new here so I'm not sure this counts.
Background story: Basically this guy is annoying and keeps flicking my face head on.
Any good ways to defend against this?

Thanks a lot!!
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2022.01.25 20:29 finny545 Unknown ESPN signature

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2022.01.25 20:29 amnesiac7 Alex Jones Pleaded the Fifth to Jan. 6 Probe, Then Spilled on His Radio Show

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2022.01.25 20:29 pa3xopko [bug report] App freezing / crashing after last update

App started to freeze each time I tried to raise volume inside video stories. App crashed each time I opened reels section. I tried to open the app again a few times and see if it crashed again, it always did. After 3 - 4 times instander crashed right when I at app startup. After a few attempts my phone rebooted. Such thing never happened on my phone before (xiaomi redmi note 10 pro). Did this happen to anyone? Is there some fix?
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2022.01.25 20:29 Sentylasong promoting tswana music

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2022.01.25 20:29 Sguviygiyviyvyivtvt Nike’s new campaign is interesting

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2022.01.25 20:29 kebrough Pay no attention, just feeding the bot 🤖

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2022.01.25 20:29 Jolly-Bug-720 Does PE help your career? EEE

Does professional engineer (PE) actually help you in your job finding and getting a better pay? Asking for a EEE friend.
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2022.01.25 20:29 Smooth-Anteater982 Anyone wanna jerk

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2022.01.25 20:29 cinderbella19 Why do my new aligns feel different?

Hi all, I just got a NWT pair of aligns 25” in black from mercari in the mail. Paid $70 for them.
But it’s not as buttery soft as the pair I already have? The tags look legit but they feel more like the wunder unders than align. I also compared the tags and the materials are the same (81% nylon, 19% lycra). Anyone else run into this before? Do they soften with washes? I remember with my older pair they were already super soft when I bought them.
Could I have gotten scammed? :( thanks in advance!
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2022.01.25 20:29 therealstabitha Did I screw this up or did my hardware fail? Or both?

I had a pretty major fall on my weekly trail skate. While at full speed, the action nut came off my left front skate, and the entire truck (and myself) went flying.
I’m okay. Some slight scrapes and holes in my leggings, and new scratches on my wrist guards. Grateful nothing was broken.
I did recently do some hardware changes on these skates. I had been using them (Midnight Rollers) as my dance skates, with softer cushions and smaller wheels, for awhile. I decided to make them my trail skates when I realized I needed a stiffer boot for the rhythm routines I’m working on, and put my dance setup onto my Jackson EVO Vipers.
Which means my trail setup — the original, harder cushions and Atom Pulse 65mm wheels plus toe stops — went on the Moonlights.
I tightened up the trucks on my Moonlights when I made the gear changes, so I was extra surprised that the action nut came off like this.
I’m wondering if the Atom Pulse wheels are just too heavy for these skates. Anyone have more experience here?
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2022.01.25 20:29 alienamongnormies I've been waiting over 6 weeks for my Ontario health card. Is this normal?

When I renewed my Ontario health card Dec 13th, they gave me a transaction record on paper showing me that the effective date of my new card is Jan 13th, my new two letter code and a statement that I'll receive my new card in the mail in 4 to 6 weeks. It's been past 6 weeks (43 days).
Is it normal to be waiting over 6 weeks in the time of covid with all the Service Ontario and Canada Post workers being off sick or did Canada Post lose it? If I'm supposed to have gotten it by now, I'm going to call them tomorrow. Their call centre is closed after 5pm
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2022.01.25 20:29 caneskretteburg69 Is it normal for your boobs on your back to be as big as your boobs on your chest when you're approaching 40?

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2022.01.25 20:29 theTHICCyoshi Interactive home/worlds

So im looking for a world to set as my home that has "intractability" as in a ability to sit in chairs, adjust setting, and maybe eat/drink.
If you have any other nice worlds that don't have this but are still really nice you can tell me about those aswell.
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2022.01.25 20:29 Chimeguy22 💎💵$5 for trying Cashapp real easy!!💵💎

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2022.01.25 20:29 socalgay_ Caught my bf of 7 years sleeping around the last month. I'm in love with him and want to make things work, what do I do?

My boyfriend (27) and I (30) have been together almost 7 years. We've taken care of each other through the years and I'm deeply in love with him, and he says the same. We're monogamous although we have talked about having encounters outside the relationship at some point. we've always had great sex, but a few years ago i developed chronic hemorrhoids/fissure and had to stop bottoming regularly. I tried treating the issue by going to doctors and surgeons, getting a colonoscopy, having multiple hemorroids surgically banded, trying acupuncture and herbal supplements, etc., and although I'm in a better place than when I started, I now struggle with being too tight and not being able to accommodate his big dick. When we met I mostly bottomed and he was the top. He felt a sense of loss and insecurities in not being able to top me regularly. After years of struggling with this and him only being able to bottom and not top, he says his dick doesn't get hard in the same way and it's harder for him to have strong erections, which makes the process even hardemore stressful. he told me for a while he wanted an open relationship because he wanted to be able to top again. I told him I'd be down to try playing with others with him, but I have been dealing with some social anxiety partly related to isolation during the pandemic, and I was scared to jump into it with him. So he waited for me to be ready and kept saying he wanted an open relationship but it was too hard for me to hear I think and I kind of brushed it off. Coupled with job issues and intense family drama, I let this issue slide to the back burner thinking he could hold on a little longer while I kept trying to get my shit together. a few months passed of him asking for an open relationship or to play with others together, and I was just not emotionally ready for that I guess. last weekend he was being weird around me sneaking off to go on his phone and I called him out. He said he was texting someone from instagram and he was going to go fuck them. And that he had been on apps talking to people. me being an emotional ball of nerves the past few months, I didn't take it well at all, mostly because of the secrecy and going behind my back talking to people while I'm there with him. So he apologized, didn't go and we talked a lot, cried, etc. and agreed we'd keep working on this. He agreed not to talk to anyone for the time being and delete grindr. I had a deep pit in my stomach the next day but tried to brush it off and be cool with him because I know I need to not trauma dump/emotionally overwhelm him with all my shit. I sucked up my weird feelings and we had a good night. But something was just eating at me. So I did the unhealthy thing and picked up his phone while he was asleep. Not only did he not delete Grindr after our talk, it was hidden in a folder in his phone and he had been talking to guys all day. At this point I was just so let down and disappointed I went to sleep in another room. But I still had that pit in my stomach. So I looked up his emails and found he's been on Grindr since after the new year and has been messaging guys while at work and leaving the house early before work to meet up with guys before and during the work day, me thinking he's going into work early..he's went on at least 5 hookups in the past month. I know I shouldn't have snooped like that and probably broke some of his trust. Was I in the right for doing what I did? I wouldn't have barged into his phone if I hadn't had any suspicions, but I still feel bad about that. I confronted him and he didn't come clean right away, I sort of had to pull it out of him. He conceded that he has needed to top (as he had kept telling me) and he wants to connect with others, make more friends, etc. Then of course I find out he also bottomed twice, which is just like the cherry considering he said he needed to go be a top. He apologized for the lying and secrecy, but was quite adamant that he felt he was doing it for the good of our relationship, that he loves me too much to walk away and wanted to love and support me while also having his needs met. I'm still shocked that he was going behind my back doing this and it really hurts. But I also get that I wasn't hearing him state his needs because I was too involved in my own issues and because of fear. I want our relationship to work but I'm having trouble fixating on the idea of him with multiple other men without my consent. The worst part is there is a part of me that is turned on by the idea of him being sexual with others, but emotionally it's so hard for me to comprehend. I love him and want to make things work but I feel betrayed. what do I do?
Tl;dr: my boyfriend of 7 years was sleeping with guys behind my back he says it's because his needs weren't getting met because I wasn't physically able to bottom and couldn't hear his requests for sex with others. I want to make things work because we love each other but I'm having trouble letting go of the betrayal and don't know what to do.
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2022.01.25 20:29 Dickson_Butts Does regenerative braking in electric cars make the battery degrade faster?

My reason for thinking this is that I've heard frequently cycling a battery is bad for its health. So when you're driving using regen braking, you're constantly using battery power and restoring it in short bursts. Doesn't that make it degrade faster?
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2022.01.25 20:29 NightShayed How do I decline a job I’ve accepted but not started?

Hello! I just accepted a job as a para-educator. My first day is tomorrow and they are training me in the kitchen. I wasn’t informed this is what the job is and i am not interested in that at all. When I asked she said they needed more help in the kitchen so that would be my primary position. Im a pushover and this job is completely optional (was more so a hobby job)
so how do I politely decline? as I’ve already been hired.
(We just spoke today about it, so I didn’t know prior. I feel like more notice would be appropriate but it’s simply not an option)
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2022.01.25 20:29 Familiar-Kangaroo919 Tengo tamales maaaaan
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2022.01.25 20:29 Odiril Amos’ Bow has been waiting for its true owner since 1.0.

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2022.01.25 20:29 tossaway75757 I think y’all can do something with this, maybe involving the shipyards or liberty

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