Seriously gamemaker...

2022.01.25 19:18 Turtlegame46 Seriously gamemaker...

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2022.01.25 19:18 Present_Bus_4998 Any effective ways to study

I'm currently taking advanced C++ and Accounting 101 and the reading is heavy, especially with C++. I was wondering if anyone has any tips on how to effectively grasp what is being read. I take notes, but I just don't feel like I'm getting the material
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2022.01.25 19:18 sillyomlette978 Skyrim's Confusing Intro

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2022.01.25 19:18 alpacarter What should I use to restore the leather?

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2022.01.25 19:18 Radishesafx Any private servers with party changers?

Can this even be done anymore?
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2022.01.25 19:18 PremiumForAll ⭐️ Arab Honey

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2022.01.25 19:18 jobsinanywhere Footie fans pour scorn on dodgy pints served at stadiums around the country

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2022.01.25 19:18 oMPhEANTicle I ❤️ everything about this

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2022.01.25 19:18 Sensei_Mitch Site Review / Suggestions

Feedback please on my Martial Thoughts blog. Started in 2005 & recently rebooted it. I don't sell/advertise anything. Revamped the site & would feedback on the topics/layout/colors/etc I should add or remove. Any feedback is appreciated!
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2022.01.25 19:18 Psych0tti wondering about sloth and laziness

I've always had a hard time knowing where the line is drawn, as if there is a simple red line marking what you can or can't do. "Oh you've watched 5 videos in a row instead of sticking to the limit, now you're lazy and slothful" That is similar to how I understand it and I must be misunderstanding something. Why would spending any time on youtube at all be a waste of time, every time? Does it come down to whether something is a waste of time or not or how productive one can be? Is it different if some content is edifying and educational? If I'm having a hard time being productive and getting things done one day, is that a mortal sin of sloth? Is it a matter of putting off things that you should be doing? If I'm not sure what I should be doing one day, is it still wrong to have a less productive day than usual? I'm having a hard time understanding this, I always obsess over productivity and if I'm more unproductive than usual, I don't know if it was because I was lazy or slothful or just had a bad day. I know it's important to do things you don't like doing, but it seems like the only possible way to be in the clear is just not do the things I like doing and spend every day doing things I don't enjoy at all, and if I end up doing something I enjoy doing, then I'm lucky. I know I seem ocd about this but it really frustrates me because if I have a bad day being unproductive, the next day I'm not sure if I sinned mortally or not so I'm like "whatever, I guess I'll have to confess that bc I have no way of knowing for sure" and I never know for sure if I sinned mortally. I know this sounds like an annoying rant but something's wrong and I hate not enjoying the things I should be doing. I know I'm not supposed to be miserable doing things to be productive. I shouldn't be reading that book because I'll feel guilty otherwise, I should just read it because I wanted to and made that decision without feeling guilted into it. Is this making sense? Would anyone have any tips or clarification on this?
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2022.01.25 19:18 mittens-_- Need a little help

I need to add some clips and screenshots from my Xbox to a hard drive. I already formatted it but I want to know how to put clips that are on my Xbox to my hard drive
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2022.01.25 19:18 TelePlug02 $5 Pyt Links $10 NL Links PM Me !

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2022.01.25 19:18 beepmeupscotty Why does my ANA fluctuate over time?

F21, 5'9", 165lbs, white. I have been having issues for years so whenever I have blood drawn I ask for an ANA test. My first ANA test was November 2020. Positive, titer 1:160.
Second ANA test was August 2021. Negative.
Third ANA was January 2022. Positive, titer 1:80.
I have a bunch of weird symptoms like fatigue, headaches, stomach problems, petechiae on my arms and chest, dizzy and lightheaded when I walk, and I have the butterfly rash on my cheeks and nose. Why is my ANA fluctuating? It doesn't seem like I have classic SLE symptoms but it definitely feels like SOMETHING is wrong.
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2022.01.25 19:18 in-a-crater Bounce rates and avg. time on page dropped dramatically for no reason

Have an enterprise Gmail account with free GA access. Looking back at our 2021 data, I can see that in June 2021, avg. time on page and bounce rates dropped dramatically all of a sudden on June 10. Like, they dropped 75 per cent overnight and have stayed that low ever since. No CMS changes or anything of the sort around that time. Has anyone else experienced this and know if there were any GA changes that affected it? I keep hearing about Tag Manager — was that brought in and is it affecting tracking at all? Free account so no access to GA support.
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2022.01.25 19:18 ThatwasGibberish Wholesome.

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2022.01.25 19:18 MiaV_707 Manifesting Zhongli ✍🏻🔶

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2022.01.25 19:18 unusualdrifter My first oil/acrylic painting, has a small bit of work left. Still staying to figure out the name. Open to suggestions

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2022.01.25 19:18 Dabluealien233 Certified refurbished vs scratch and dent.

I’m trying to get an x17 laptop.
Ordered one new and like most people in the shipping thread, mine was delayed due to shortage of cpu.
So now I’m looking at the Dell outlet to get one faster. They have 3 categories, new, certified refurbished and scratch and dent.
The x17s on the outlet are listed as certified refurbished.
It looks good on the website but I don’t want to order from the Dell outlet and get a refurb that’s got a ton of defects or problems.
What’s the difference between certified refurbished and scratch and dent
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2022.01.25 19:18 tismachap Lots of roblox script on the server added every day

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2022.01.25 19:18 rs_5 Draconic lingual superiority

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2022.01.25 19:18 Lyaru Taliban i intervju med VG: Advarer Europa om migrasjonsbølge

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2022.01.25 19:18 u-copycat Top Python Packages for Data Analytics 2022

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2022.01.25 19:18 Fast-Researcher-2507 Someone HELP me 💔

I hit my head two months ago and I recovered from my concussions in three weeks I hate I hate the second time and then it got out of control I had not enough sleep in my Group home the Carers said you’ve been asleep for a wee get over it exercise and kept not letting me rest the pain just kept getting worse and then I took Nerofen and my headache felt like I couldn’t sleep and it felt like the walls are caving in like I was having some sort of stroke then right after I took The drug it got worse my heart started beating fast like it was about to burst felt like the walls are caving in around me and then I passed out woke up in the morning I fell felt fine A week later went by i’ve started to feel better Then my carers wanted to go for a drive and started to come back the pain I just felt like I was in a constant daze 24 seven I went down for a vacation hoping to get some peace and quiet I’m 15 Bytheway and I started to feel better but the pain is still there I felt so bad one-day I had chest pain I felt so bad like it was gonna pass out couldn’t think straight I was out for dinner that night I thought I’ll be alright I felt so disorientated like the room was coming down so I went home but it didn’t stop until I fell asleep woke back up felt better I was in the shower I hit my head slightly but enough to affect me and make my symptoms worse and then they wouldn’t go away it seems like I was placed out in the living room I couldn’t get my peace and quiet I was sensitive the lights and everything noise that I couldn’t escape I will couldn’t visualise it felt hard to do cognitive things as I was so disorientated my grandma told me that exercise me thinking it’s gonna be alright I just need to move I was stuck in delusions and it up not being able to think straight I ended up fainting In a gutter it was hell I ended up going to hospital they said just rest your pupils are dilated I listen to that I was in another part of town and my headache started again I wasn’t resting I ended up couldn’t think and I had no way home that night I had to sleep or try to sleep at a police station I had home problems still have them my headache got that worse I couldn’t visualise memories that well couldn’t sleep because everything was irritating me in a situation which I can’t escape I was so disorientated I couldn’t get up that morning I couldn’t look in the mirror I feel debilitated incapacitated like a drunk 10 beers and then I got a lecture from a paramedic that I’m perfectly fine 15-year-old boy and I have mental problems which I have an anxiety and depression but I’ve never faced this before he said have you took any drugs me being afraid Of lectins in tomatoes I said no obviously me feeling drowsy like I can’t stand push myself and got up to go in the car for a long car drive back home I just got worse and worse and worse my head because I couldn’t rest it just got worse I ended up passing out the end of sleeping for two weeks and I felt like I was gonna die I was dying and since it has improved my headaches have been a severe depression in my head did it feel like it was moving around constantly but I had flashing lights every time I close my eyes that slowly faded but cognitively I still feel damaged have to really rest so I can think of things memories I started to see more of my memories but recently I am I haven’t been able to be in that healing stage I feel like I’m still deteriorating and stages are getting a downward spiral I talked to the health direct GP she said see a GP in two hours recently about five days ago I heard a loud pop in my left temple and then the massive migraines started to come on I was feeling anxious at the time I thought I was getting better than that happened I have one main doctor in My main city gave me a concussion sheet and I had a doctor in my local town said it was my anxiety making it worse but i’ve been screaming Group homes not being anxious i’ve kept my cool about it a doctor says something else but one doctor says it’s an anxiety disorder And the people around me recently only believe that the doctor in my town And it’s mine Anxiety and I’m perfectly fine which doesn’t give me hope and would give me mental health problems if I can’t control this tonight while texting this I’m not confident in any hope with me I still feel like I’m deteriorating and by the way that first pain I was extreme was the worst headache I’ve ever had in my life felt like I was dying also recently after the pop in the head my ears felt like they got flash banged all of a sudden randomly when I was trying to sleep in perfectly calm explain that in my heart beats being really weird and the pressure in my head is mind numbing All I want is relief but no one around me feels like they’re supporting me and I have no control of escaping them all I can do is try to Runaway to a place where I can sleep and rest For long time I feel not like myself like I said please help me reddit I feel like it’s a very narrow path for me…
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2022.01.25 19:18 AgillaBahun Ways to remove rot/sepsis?

Soon-to-be GM here. Besides going to the Spital, are there other ways to remove the infection of sepsis from someone?
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2022.01.25 19:18 DragonballComics Imagine Felicity almost using an Green Lantern Ring before John. Also, why she didn't tell him about that? (Crisis On Infinite Earths Giant).

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