Haul from Hopeless Records, plus DitR from a local shop

2022.01.25 20:19 I_WontSeeYouTonight Haul from Hopeless Records, plus DitR from a local shop

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2022.01.25 20:19 RedAngeel my friend's cat. isn't he cute? little fuzzy. ๐Ÿ˜

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2022.01.25 20:19 Spicybeeen Whe

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2022.01.25 20:19 Intelligent_Water524 Is Anfernee Simons the True Steph Curry with a 40-inch Vert?

Anfernee Simons has looked like a young Curry over the past 10 games. He has been filling up the role of Damian Lillard and has been doing it very well.
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2022.01.25 20:19 TickAndTieMeUp Icebreaker Jackets

Does anyone have any experience with Icebreaker Jackets? I was looking at getting the Collingwod hooded jacket but wanted to know if they are a good brand for the money
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2022.01.25 20:19 drill888 35m4f Des Moines Casual Fun

Good looking muscular mixed guy, 5โ€™7 190lbs, looking for cool ladies that want to chat and perhaps take it a step further meeting up at some point. Donโ€™t care if you are married or attached, or just wanna talk that is fine too, hit me up Iโ€™m good people and you want be disappointed, Iโ€™m in the Des Moines area.
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2022.01.25 20:19 MattelJones 1969 Camaro SS

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2022.01.25 20:19 Sea-Math-1165 I may have discovered something !!

The entrance of Snowpoint Temple is surrounded by 4 pillars. These pillars have dots on them, similar to the eyes of the regis. The thing is, from left to right, the first pillar has 5 dots, the second has 6, the third has 7 and the fourth... well we don't know because the pillar is broken where the dots should appear. But, we could assume it should be 8 and if that's the case, it might be a foreshadowing of regieleki and regidrago introduced in gen... (drumrolls) 8 !!
I may totally be wrong, but if my theory is correct, this foreshadowing occured 13 years before we could understand it and that's insane !
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2022.01.25 20:19 hopefairy 'A very rich language': Iqaluit woman begins teaching Inuktitut online

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2022.01.25 20:19 Candid-Stuff-4679 Quem quiser esse grupo chama pv, vendo por R$ 10

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2022.01.25 20:19 N7_X Ryzen 2700 max speed 3.2 GHz in all distros

I'm posting this expecting to be directed somewhere else where I can probably get more specific help, and that's alright by me! I'm just not sure where to go next:
I have an Acer laptop with a desktop Ryzen 2700 in it. The BIOS is woeful, and the ACPI tables (according to my research, could be wrong) are crap, so there are some power issues in all distros that affect CPU & GPU.
For the most part I've found workarounds/fixes for these (except GPU performance), to the point that the laptop is entirely usable for the majority of my workload. It's primarily a workstation that occasionally games, so my only remaining issue is the max CPU speed.
No matter what distro I boot, install, or use, the max CPU speed is 3.2 GHz. Even when running a stress test, I've checked by watching cpuinfo_cur_freq and by installing & running zenmonitor with no deviation.
Any suggestions? Everything seems to point to this being a BIOS limitation, and every guide I've tried to follow to bypass that, seems to have no effect. I'm also aware that I can get my BIOS modified to "unlock" some settings, but I'm not going to even consider that until I'm sure I have no other options. I use this laptop for a lot of work, and simply cannot afford to replace it if something goes wrong.
Thank you so much for any and all help! I'm definitely outside my element at this point and appreciate you and your time
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2022.01.25 20:19 quote3208 Should I take my sibs with me?

Before going on the current situation bigay ko muna yung background.
I'm in my early 20s college dropout and currently employed while living with my parents and 4 siblings (aged 18+ and 17 going 18 this year, I'll leave the other 2 out). Both parents namin ay narcissists, very religious but hypocrite at times, and ginagawang investment ang anak. Sa social status naman dati kaming mahirap, naging middle class, naglifestyle inflation, and balik mahirap ulit even before the pandemic. Meron kaming family business na primary source of income and with so many debts, naging final nail na sa coffin si covid so bagsak talaga kami in the past few years. Hirap na silang isupport yung college ko even before covid and napastop na talaga ako dahil dun kasi hindi na kaya. Nag freelance work muna ako to help them out kasi kailangan talaga ng pera kahit labag sa loob ko kasi di naman nagagamit yung pera nang maayos.
Anyways, so ayun employed na ako today and di na ko nagbibigay ng pera for the reason na nakabigay na rin ako at nag iipon ako para makabalik at matapos yung school (palusot lang). Lately, nagiging toxic nga lang kasi kahit na anong bigay ko dati wala ring nag improve and baon pa rin sila sa utang hanggang ngayon kaya hirap pa rin sila. Tingin ko kahit nagbibigay ako hanggang ngayon ganun pa rin naman kasi pag nagbigay ako instead na ifocus para makatulong sa business, sa kung ano ano rin ginagastos. Confident gumastos kasi may nagbibigay sa kanila. Di lang naman isa business namin pero nawala yung iba for the reason na "walang puhunan" so naiwan yung main namin. Pinaghahatian pa nilang dalawa bantayan yun kahit matamlay na nga yung business dahil sa covid and barely lang nasusustain yung daily needs namin. Nag suggest ako na magwork father ko pero being a narcissist na offend at nagalit pa siya. My mother agrees na tamad ang father ko pero wala namang ginagawa at mali ko pa na naisip ko yun. My problem with my father is, hindi naman kailangan na nandun siya business and kaya isolo yun ng mom ko na mas magaling pa maghandle sa kanya. Ganun naman dati habang may iba siyang business. Kaso sa tingin ko ginagawa niya lang yun para may excuse siya ngayon kasi umuuwi rin naman siya nang maaga tas manonood lang ng Thinking Pinoy and other Marcos propaganda tapos yun na yon. I don't want to make this political, tbh okay lang naman gawin niya yun basta kaya niya magprovide kaso tamad eh. Umuuwi siya na laging nagagalit samin lalo na pag may nakitang marumi sa bahay o may di pa nahugasang pinggan. Magtatampo pa na siya na lang daw maghuhugas. Yung mga kapatid ko kikilos naman yun pero may online classes pa kasi kaya hindi sila kagad nakakagawa ng gawaing bahay. Pag weekends naman di problema to.
Recently, nagkaron kami ng argument din about politics, instead of arguing politics nag labas siya ng hinanakit na kaming mga anak hindi daw namin mahal mga magulang namin. Kinausap niya ako one on one about it and tinatry ko na lang magpalusot din sa behaviours ng mga kapatid ko. They were bragging how both of them, really loved their parents and helped them out kahit bata pa lang sila. Nung gumraduate daw sila nagbigay sila halos lahat ng sweldo nila and ayun, kumpara samin wala kaming pagmamahal sa kanila. Syempre nag challenge rin ako sa belief na yun and hindi naman daw yun yung gusto nila na gawin namin kundi magpakita lang ng pagmamahal. I challenged din yung sinabi na yan kasi merong one time na yung isa kong sib (17) kumakain kami ng midnight snacks then nagising tong father ko na bumaba tas nakita kami. Inalok siya ng kapatid ko ng pagkain, "oh pa gusto mo?" tas ang sinagot niya "gusto ko? Gusto ko nang mamatay! na pasigaw. Una dineny niya yung nangyare na yan na di niya daw maalala. Pangalawa jinustify niya yan na bakit daw siya magpapakita ng pagmamahal sa pagmamahal na pinakita ng kapatid ko na yun eh (allegedly) sinabihan niya yung kapatid ko na wag kakain nung food na kinakain namin (which naconfirm ko sa kapatid ko na hindi totoo). Kung di daw kami sumusunod, bakit kami papakitaan ng pagmamahal eh kami yung unang di nagmamahal sa kanila sa di namin pagsunod. Gusto daw namin dapat ang magulang (sila) ang lumuluhod sa anak.
Dun na natapos yung argument na yan and I never talked to him again hanggang ngayon. Dahil diyan I made plans na umalis na and the soonest I can go is by March pa dahil wala pa naman akong resources para makaalis.
I've already talked with my sibs and the three of us share the same sentiments and kahit dati kaming nag-aaway lagi nung bata pa, nagkampi kampi kami. Initially, my plan to move out this March para makatakas na rin, help my (17) sib once he turns 18. Gusto niya na rin umalis and okay lang din daw sa kanya mag work muna tas mag ipon bago mag college (pa-tapos niya pa lang SHS this year before siya mag 18). I advice him na kung yun na yung choice niya talaga, pwede naman ako tumulong sa kanya sa abot ng makakaya ko. Yung sa isa naman (18+) wala pa kaming convo about this pero mas gusto niya ata mag stay dahil mabigat yung course niya.
Recently lang din, dahil di ko na siya pinapansin, sa mga kapatid ko naman sila nagagalit. Habang gumagawa ng project yung kapatid ko (17) sinipa yung computer kasi ayaw sumunod sa utos. This makes me think na baka pag umalis ako mas grabe pa mangyare sa kanila. Nag iisip ako kung dapat ko bang isama mga kapatid ko o hindi. Gusto ko pero di ko alam kung yun ba talaga yung best option or may iba pa kasi yung parents ko, wala talaga hindi na sila magbabago.
My financial status isn't good din for now, makakaalis ako sa debts in a month or two and dun pa lang ako magiging independent. Simpleng tao lang naman ako at yung salary ko hindi abot sa taxable range pero more than enough kung bubuhayin ko sarili ko. I can still do my old part time work that can give me as much as my salary for a month. After getting out of debt, after another 2 months, dun lang ako magkakaron ng capability kumuha ng apartment for 2 months samen with budget for food and utilities. I think kakayanin naman namin for a while until makahanap din yung sibs ko makahanap ng work nila.
Then again, di ko pa rin talaga alam kung eto yung choice na dapat kong itake so I seek for your advice and hoping to get some of your thoughts.
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2022.01.25 20:19 Master_Tactician 4631 8495 6499 - I am a daily player from Portugal! Add me!

4631 8495 6499 - I am a daily player from Portugal! I'll try to gift whenever i can, so feel free to send me a request!
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2022.01.25 20:19 Covert42 I had to get one!

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2022.01.25 20:19 championOD1 If you bought reddit, what would be the first thing you do?

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2022.01.25 20:19 instantklarna Has anyone had any rude experiences?

I paid for an all- vegan yoga retreat in Ireland. It was expensive. When I was there the guy told us that the guests were expected to clean out the chicken coop (shit). I politely told him that I would not be doing that. He insisted and I not-so-politely told him that I was paying to be there and was not working for him. I just found the whole thing weird. Every other guest worshipped him an did what he said.
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2022.01.25 20:19 psycovic23 Swift's LSP with coc in neovim

I'm trying to get autocomplete in neovim using the coc-sourcekit package on Github but completions don't seem to be showing up. I end up getting (from :cocInfo)

2022-01-25T15:14:47.034 INFO (pid:65704) [completion-complete] - 0 results 
when trying to auto-complete anything ( after a period). Is there a step that I'm missing to do indexing? All I did was install the package, nothing else.
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2022.01.25 20:19 konquistador12 Best way to securely Lend money to a General Contractor

Any thougths are appreciated. Here is the background:
Location: Charlotte, NC
Background: I know a local General contractor who is looking for a loan for his next project. I have seen his work onsite and He is very good at what he does. This loan will be used to close the property and for pre-construction development and for securing construction loan. This loan is structured as debt(and not equity) with a decent annual rate of return. Question: I have never loaned money directly to a GC before. What is the best way to make sure my Loan is secure. Looked up a few posts online and sounds like a couple options are 1) joint-tenancy on title, or 2) a deed of trust. I dont quite understand the pros and cons of each , or is there a better way to structure this. Planning to reach out to a few local RE attorneys but wanted to get thoughts here as well.
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2022.01.25 20:19 reaverbad Love the faction of WH1 but dear god some models and textures have felt the passage of time .

When you see how nice the new models are(when they are new model of course ),you can only wonder how would the empire or the dwarf looks like if they were part of the line up of the the third game. One could hope of a definitive edition of the trilogy with a touchup on the older models .
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2022.01.25 20:19 itskaeeebeauty over the moon๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿค

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2022.01.25 20:19 VonVee Help! My red Aglaonema is yellowing and has these bumps on the lower sick leaves.

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2022.01.25 20:19 Secret-Zone-9404 I did not mean to put my banana in my bag that way

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2022.01.25 20:19 UpsetRice7728 Play your favourite classical book character!

Hello you lovely people,
I am a master's student writing my thesis on making classical book interesting for GenZ. I am creating a VR experience for that and as part of a fun challenge within the VR room, my professor suggested that I ask genz to enact a charactescene from their favorite classical book as a tiktok video. So here I am, testing the idea. :)
If you're interested, feel free to send me your Tiktok links.
Not only will you be helping a super stressed student but also will be invited to the opening of the VR room. It's a fun VR room/ cafe, where you can do a bunch of cool stuff and interact with your fellow readers. Also, You don't need VR glasses, you can enter via a chrome browser!
PS: Try aiming for older classics, preferably written in 1800-1900s.
Thank you for reading this far, you're truly awesome. <3
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2022.01.25 20:19 Famous_Investigator9 Well would you look at that just on time.

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2022.01.25 20:19 Oskar0998 Este boomer pelotudo!!!!

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