eizdi 7ztzz ht99i fe57z rtes4 bre5z 697rb fk338 i9ri9 4sdtk 3867r z8644 rz3ka 4yksh i4h3a frtk9 7a848 kk7fb zz3i9 3btbt 4ki9b Awesome GitHub list of open-source alternatives to well-known SaaS products |

Awesome GitHub list of open-source alternatives to well-known SaaS products

2022.01.25 19:38 Straight_Finding_756 Awesome GitHub list of open-source alternatives to well-known SaaS products

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2022.01.25 19:38 -Hand_Satanizer Anvil Day 19 by Gnome Automatics

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2022.01.25 19:38 vel611 Will help with evolutions

I can help. LF these if you have them. Or ability patches. Thanks! SnoveLarvitaHippopotas/GligaCacnea/Gible/Mudkip
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2022.01.25 19:38 vegdc Environmental advocates oppose sale of NASA-owned forest in Maryland

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2022.01.25 19:38 Phoenix_Aerobatics Brrrrt

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2022.01.25 19:38 ManyFun7360 I am thinking about playing Socom 2 again.

Hello Socom Community,
I am thinking about downloading the emulator and playing socom 2. Oh man, the nostalgia of 13 year old me. I would get home from school at 3 and play until my parents made me go to bed. The weekends were spent playing all day and night. Hosting parties for friend where everyone would bring their own playstation and tv so that we could play together. What a time to be alive that we are able to play again?

I just have a couple questions regarding the gameplay.

  1. Are M16's allowed? I Dubs? M14's? M3?
  2. How do people communicate in-game? Are mics enabled?
  3. What controller do you use for PC? (I am thinking that I can use a PS4 controller??)
  4. Are there clans to join?
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2022.01.25 19:38 Butterflyyy710 Hey Daddyyyyy 💋

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2022.01.25 19:38 thislittlepiggy5 12” caedyn

So ive been looking on mercari and noticed that all of the 12” caedyn’s have a pink ear. Is that only a 12” defect? Or do the 8” ones have it as well?
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2022.01.25 19:38 27_walruses How long does it typically take for Distrokid to respond to support emails?

I’ve had some issues with Distrokid and I’ve emailed them using the help desk and I’ve submitted for a refund on goodies I payed for on an album i deleted. It’s been a few days and I’m just wondering how long it usually takes them
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2022.01.25 19:38 Party-Cat2586 Need gifts for xp 8705 0120 0891

Looking for new friends to send gifts for xp, will open everything tomorrow
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2022.01.25 19:38 diminishedflame HoloMinistry debuts in just over 20 minutes from now!

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2022.01.25 19:38 Ok-Commercial-58 Jesse Pinkman

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2022.01.25 19:38 bmont84 Pound puppy meets little tykes armory

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2022.01.25 19:38 Giovannyyy Anyone know what the season 12 colors will be??

So from what i've seen it is either going to be dark-red or yellow. Please correct me if you know
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2022.01.25 19:38 nathank Asphalt driveway repair - Did I get bamboozled

I hired a local contractor to come repair and coat my driveway. The agreement was they were going to repair holes with hot-mix, seal the cracks, and coat the whole thing.
There was a substational hole by the street, which is why I specified a hot-mix fix for it. We've had it done before and they cut it into a square and filled it with hot-mix and made it look great.
However, this is what the contractor left me with yesterday
I'm not crazy right? This looks like crap?
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2022.01.25 19:38 Israla Body on Body - Emmi

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2022.01.25 19:38 ForwardYellow8411 Alguien que me haga rol con fotos de albere, juli castro o emiestoco?? Tengo mucha leche para ellas🔥

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2022.01.25 19:38 Proper-Shan-Like Photograpy

Anyone know of any camera or photography clubs for a mid forties bloke?
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2022.01.25 19:38 ExplanationLive6072 i need it haaaaaaaa

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2022.01.25 19:38 sacrificialfuck Reading a $2,500 Vegas restaurant bill

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2022.01.25 19:38 winebutch Another Path to DRS-IRA with no taxable event/penalty - Non-Broker Custodian Mainstar Trust

Another Path to DRS-IRA with no taxable event/penalty - Non-Broker Custodian Mainstar Trust Some of you apes have been very helpful to me and I am just paying it forward - I hope this helps people with their IRAs. Also posting in that other sub, btw.
tl;dr I was an original ape that used ALLY/APEX to DRS my Traditional IRA. I've been looking for two months to find a new custodian that isn't a broker who will register my GME within my IRA keeping the tax deferred status. MAINSTAR TRUST is a holding company, not a broker, that will do this. I have a Roth newly in CS with Mainstar as custodian and I am in process of changing custodian on my Apex held account. Mainstar is a small company and their website isn't much better than Computershare (though they do have 2FA!), but they got the job done. I can't say how speedy they are, so be forewarned if you are an impatient type.
I can only share my process and let you apes decide for yourself. I wanted a path to DRS my IRA while keeping the tax deferred status. I'd rather my shares are out of brokers, where they are surely rehypothecated. This is not about avoiding taxes - I will pay plenty of tax when I take distributions from my IRA. It is about not having capital to pay that tax right now and I am not selling shares to cover it.
Like many of you, I've waited since last Jan for MOASS - I am glad I did not disburse my IRA last year and be on the hook for taxes this year. I don't have a crystal ball to know when MOASS will happen. I also do not know exactly how these accounts will behave during MOASS - Selling via Mainstar might take several days or I may have to send an overnight letter with medallion stamp to CS to sell - I am willing to take that risk to have my shares out of the hands of hedgies and their counterparts. For me, MOASS is always tomorrow, until it is today. Stay zen, apes!
Who is Mainstar Trust? They are a holding company located in the midwest (Kansas) that specializes in self-directed IRAs where people can hold non-traditional assets for retirement like real estate, HSAs, etc. They've been in business since 1978. They do hold securities, however, without direct registering them, they are held in a brokerage that Mainstar uses so that they are accessible for efficient trading on request. (Their clearing house in NOT apex) If you request book entry shares, they will remove the shares from their brokeclearing house and register them with Computer share on your behalf. So they are only on the books of Mainstar, not any brokerage, so no brokerage lending or fuckery can take place.
Here is a rando list of other top-rated SD IRA custodians if you want to vet some others (per Wealth Advisors whoever the hell they are...this list was compiled in 2018 FWIW)
How did I do this? The short answer is:
IRA to IRA transfer (non-tax/no penalty) from Vanguard as custodian to Mainstar as custodian. Requested to direct register (book entry) from Mainstar to Computershare. If you can't follow my chicken scratch, call them to walk you through the process - they are very helpful and nice. 1-800-521-9897
Step One - I opened an account with Mainstar and then transferred my IRA I went to Mainstar.com-->forms-->Roth IRA and I downloaded the Complete Form Kit, but started with the Roth Application and the Transfer Direct Rollover Request (use the part for Transfer, not Rollover...). There are other forms I needed to sign, but once I sent in the application someone contacted me and helped me with the process via email and phone when I had questions.
I was assigned an account number from Mainstar. It took several days to complete and get shares transferred from my broker. Mainstar has a primitive online portal - it is not instantaneous when shares are moved, etc. If your shares disappear from your broker, it'll probably still take a day (or more...) for them to populate online at Mainstar. However, you can call to check and if Mainstar sees the transfer in the system as arrived, you can start the next step.
Step Two - requested DRS using DIVIDEND CHANGE REQUEST I downloaded this form to make the request to Computershare. Find this form on the main webpage, then Forms-->Optional forms-->Dividend Change Request
Step Three - Get my CS account number Once the account at CS is set up, you should be able to find your account using your SSN, just like with other CS accounts. However, on this first account for me, Mainstar set it up with them as primary and I had to use the CS account number and Kansas zip code to locate the account and add a login. Mainstar is in process of adding me as primary and I am waiting for the snail mail letter with the account login verification code (which is going to kansas as Mainstar is the address on the account...but that will change). They should be putting me as primary for any other accounts.
One difference - Mainstar does not zero out your share count in their portal - the shares will be listed in Mainstar and in CS.
Here is my Computershare DRS Statement for proof - shares are DTC Withdrawn
What's next? Change Custodian for Apex account
Now that I am set up with both Traditional and IRA accounts and I know Mainstar can direct register with these other small test accounts, I have asked Mainstar to be the custodian of my Ally/Apex account that is DRS at CS. Since this is a Traditional IRA, I used the Transfer Direct Rollover Request - it is still a transfer, not a rollover. No tax implications.
- INCLUDE A FAX number for your broker where the shares are coming from - otherwise mainstar has to snail mail your request.
- Check the box for RE-REGISTER - Mainstar will re-register the shares directly at CS - at least that is what they told me. If it comes back differently, I will report back.
- on page two (not shown here) - check FAX for delivery option.
I hope this helps some of you apes that have IRAs and don't want to disburse the funds for a taxable event or penalties.
TL;DR It is possible to DRS an IRA with a NON-BROKER custodian to keep your account tax-deferred AND shares safe from lending. IRA to IRA transfer (non-tax/no penalty) from Vanguard (or another broker) as custodian to Mainstar as custodian. Request to direct register (book entry) from Mainstar to Computershare. If you can't follow my chicken scratch, call them to walk you through the process or just see what they are all about yourself - they are very helpful and nice. 1-800-521-9897 - https://mainstartrust.com/ - Not financial advice!!
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2022.01.25 19:38 Mikaela01a I will miss you forever Maddie bean. I love you

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2022.01.25 19:38 SubstantialStation70 [Fo4] looking for a mod that replaces bloatflys with drones from the halo series

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2022.01.25 19:38 redditlass What android apps do you block connecting to the internet?

I use gboard but I block the app from getting access to the internet, and it still works fine
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2022.01.25 19:38 jalapenochickensoup Does anyone knows a good roman catholic church around poughkeepsie/lagrange

I'm still new to the area and will like to know is someone knows a catholic church around the area if have a bilingual pastor even better but if not that's fine, thanks
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