My ramen trying to enjoy her nap

2022.01.25 20:48 ThatguyLarry601 My ramen trying to enjoy her nap

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2022.01.25 20:48 lehorselessman Most prominent Iraqi Turkmen song (from Kirkuk) "altun hızmav mülayim" by Abdurrahman Kızılay

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2022.01.25 20:48 AmazingLlamaSTL Newsradio episode in St. Louis

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2022.01.25 20:48 ViriatusPC Let's Play : Cyberpunk 2077 ( GTX 1080 TI - Ultra ) [#41]

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2022.01.25 20:48 My_Friend_Dane My Friend, Dane: 62. A Few Scleroses

Dane was once told that someone we knew was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. His first question was, with sincerity,
"Really? How many?"
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2022.01.25 20:48 NilsTeutsch Could the WSBK season finale be in Sepang?

I think so. The Indonesian round is set to be on November 13; the Australian one will follow. So the season may go until early December, since it seems like there is a 13th round that's yet to be announced. Sepang would be the least far away in that case, and now they have Malaysian rider with Syarhin. Therefore, it would only make sense. Just my two cents.
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2022.01.25 20:48 RBlankenship For all our 🌈🧸 retards

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2022.01.25 20:48 Grand_Pair Actual bruisers items changes

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2022.01.25 20:48 Keinss320 Hello, here's part 2 of my Undertale/Deltarune AU! I hope you like it.

"Asgore, King of the monsters"

I had such a weird dream that night, something about a massive university, high ranked religious authorities, SOULs, flamethrowers, a Chara who wanted me to kill everyone, expensive chocolate raisins, tanks fighting over cliffs, something "aboard Undyne" and other crazy things, and then I woke up; it was already ten in the morning, so after thinking for a while, sitting on my bed reflecting on my dream, I went downstairs to have breakfast. Mom had made some very tasty chilaquiles with flank steak and after talking for a while (Kris got up as soon as he finished his food, and he didn't say thank you) I said that I wanted to visit my dad and that I wanted my brothers to go with me, the mere mention of dad turned out to be a deep annoyance in mom, who hates and despises him for no apparent reason, in fact, when Asriel and Chara and I weren't around and mom and Kris lived alone, mom had the stupid rule that even his name was forbidden and when Kris had to talk about something related to dad he always had to do it in an almost derogatory way, this for keep Mom from being in a bad mood for the rest of the day. The truth is that I don't blame her, I don't know what it feels like to be separated from the person you once loved for X or Y reason, but I don't consider it fair that she has such a huge grudge against him for something that she doesn't even deign to tell us what it is, but well since I don't know about the subject, I prefer not to give an opinion, but definitely I am not going to respect that ridiculous rule.

Chara and Asriel were also anxious to go see dad and we implored mum to let us take Kris with us, she adamantly denied it at first but we managed to persuade her to let him come as it was either that or he will stay all day long lying on his bed looking at the cell phone. Mum agreed, so we went to clean up for the exit.

-Oh, but why do I have to go? -Kris complained.

-Because if you're not going to lie down all day, come on, come on! It will be interesing. –Asriel replied happily.

-It better be...

And aw man, it was.

Aboard our compact car in which Asriel and I returned, we headed to dad's flower shop. Sometimes I find it hard to believe that someone like him who was so important in the past is now selling flowers in a rudimentary flower shop in the lonely streets of a town as remote as ours. When the monsters came to the surface he and I alongst with other lawmakers both monsters and humans worked on the reintegration of the monsters into society, after a while he decided to focus on matters more related to the people of Hometown, he turned the Royal Guard into the local police and himself proclaimed himself as Commissioner General, with Undyne being his second-in-command. Since life in the mountains was not so dangerous (the human government had managed to practically eliminate crime a few years ago), several members of the police decided to retire, the armoured lords who previously guarded the Hotland region in the Ebott Nest got a house by the lake, but they liked to wear their armour helmets so they almost always wore them; the dogs that patrolled the Snowdin Forest became thieves and criminals (although their most evil act was attempting to assault a statue of Juan del Jarro with a drain opener); so Dad and Undyne were left as the only members of the police (although Napstablook the Ghost joined a little later than that because he said he wasn't paid enough as a composer).

After a while and while I was still arranging the papers in the Capital, a strange incident occurred that made dad resign as a policeman, so he passed the command to Undyne and he officially retired; I don't remember what happened in that incident, but it was enough for Mum to separate from him and take the custody of their children with her. It's unfair, I never knew what happened and no one deigns to tell me.

We arrived at the flower shop and when we opened the door we heard a little bell announcing the arrival of a client, and there he was, right at the back of the store, a chubby goat with graying blond hair, wearing a pink guayabera with little flowers and was barefoot (his feet were very resistant to thorns). He had his back to us as was watering some flowers on a counter, he was also humming a melody by the time we entered.

-Oh? Is anyone there? Just a moment! I'm almost done watering these flowers –he said, but for some reason I felt that this was a lousy welcome for any client, fortunately we weren't.

-OK, here we go! -and saying that he turned around, and we could see each other's faces.

Indeed, it was the same Mr. Goat with overweight and a flowery guayabera, that I had known for years, the same one who was king of all monsters, the same one who offered me the job of ambassador, the same one who through a mysterious incident became what was in front of him: not a king, not a policeman, just a divorced man selling flowers.

He had a huge and pleasant surprise when he saw us, we gave each other kisses and hugs and he invited us to go upstairs to talk at ease, so he closed the shop so that no one would interrupt us.

The upstairs was where Dad lived, it was quite rustic and untidy, but even so he had everything basic to survive, he had a refrigerator, a stove with an oven, one of those fat and old cathode ray televisions, gardening materials, a mattress on the floor double size, some counters with 7 flowers of different colours protected by glass jars and various papers scattered around, he said that the coloured flowers had been left as a monument to the other six humans and their SOULs that had fallen underground by the time I got there, and the seventh was the same one that Asriel was trapped in for a long time, it's a long story but he wanted to study that flower in depth to know the origin of the reason why which his dear biological son and my adopted brother was in that form for so long.

We sat down and began to share experiences, Chara told in great detail what life was like in the annex, there she spent a good time in rehabilitation to stop consuming substances that put her health at risk, at first she was very reluctant to cooperate, but over time her mentality changed and she managed to leave the annex with congratulations just a day before Asriel and I arrived; For his part, Asriel told what life was like at the university, the truth was not a big shot at all, boring classes, bad teachers, bad classmates, endless homework, bitter loves and if he got a job it would be a fluke. For my part, I recounted the life between offices and meetings that I had in the busy city, it was an absurdly large city that never slept, I spent my time travelling through it attending events with other politicians, I even got to know several of the military who destroyed a dangerous criminal Clan several years ago to discuss safety and protection issues for the monsters in the country. I also told them about the embassy, ​​it was a medium sized office in a gigantic concrete building near the historic centre of the city, there was room for 6 people, that we were the ambassador (me) and my team of legislators, we were all human, which raised some suspicions as to whether we really were the representatives of the monsters. In the end when I decided to step down as ambassador after a court victory, I appointed my second in command as ambassador, a lady named Marcia, I knew she could replace me to continue the work.

Finally, Kris didn't really have anything interesting to say compared to us, he made friends with the girl who until a few days ago was bullying him, he was working on his final project (there were two weeks left until his summer vacation started) and in short, he was still the same teenager as always, or at least according to him, since at that time, in dad's flower shop, he didn't say anything about his adventures through the Dark Worlds or his relationship with Ralsei, but that's something I prefer comment later.

We had all brought photographs with us, I had many photos of the city, of his ominous way of life. Steel, stone, concrete for miles; that was what was most appreciated in the images, immense structures erected by the Government; financial buildings, great cathedrals, military zones, telecommunications towers, administrative buildings, wide avenues, public transport stations, overpasses, boulevards, viaducts, parks and squares, there was everything in that city! The gigantic city was built around and on top of endorheic lakes surrounded by volcanoes, which gave incredible views that stunned my dad and brothers, who bombarded me with questions and I answered them the best I could.

Then it was Asriel's turn to show his pictures, he showed us what his campus was like, it was very large and with many facilities, but he told us that the atmosphere did not feel as light as they make it look in the films. Chara also had her own album of her own, featuring her and others of her classmates in rehabilitation.

-Don't feel so bad, Chara, at least you had friends who cared about you, I wish I could say the same -Asriel sobbed.

While they were busy, I took the opportunity to take a look at the papers that were lying around, when I picked one up and took a good look at it, I realised that they were overdue bills, in addition to letters from the municipality, they said that the chance to pay from my dad had expired and that he had to evict his local in the next 14 days (5 had already passed from the date of issue until the day I saw the letter).

What? That is not possible, it is not possible! I cannot believe that they are really going to evict my dad, it is not possible that someone like him was in that situation, he had been king of his kind, he was a very influential man and father of a family, it is not possible that now they are going to fire him from his job for not having paid! The rest of the letters were similar, overdue invoices, receipts and other unpleasant things, for each paper I looked at it gave me a mixture of shame, disappointment and anger that I better stop looking at those papers written in the language of misfortune, I knew that that It was not at all the right time to bring up that subject, neither my father nor my siblings had realised that I was looking at those papers, and the truth was that I did not want to ruin their happiness, so I kept that eviction letter in my pants pocket to discuss it later.

After seeing the photos, we saw that it was already two in the afternoon and dad suggested that we all go to eat at QC's Diner, "Like in the old days", according to him, everyone agreed but I not so much, even so I accepted so that they would not be suspicious. When we got out to the car, the humans went in the back and the monsters in the front (curious combination), until we got off at the restaurant. There were few people and we sat by a window, we ordered and after a few minutes they brought us the order: A poblano mole and a Jamaican water for Asriel, some quesadillas with cecina and a chocolate milkshake for Chara, a beef burger with cheese accompanied with French fries and an orange soda for Kris (he always ordered extravagant things) and I some potosine red tacos and a horchata water. Dad didn't order anything because he wasn't hungry, but I knew it was really for he didn't paying so much in the end. We were talking for a long time, praising the delicious food of the place, none of the three older ones had eaten something similar in a long time; except for Kris, he didn't talk much, only when we spoke to him or said something that caught his attention, in one moment he left to go to the bathroom and I took the opportunity to ask about him.

-Hey, here between us, why does Kris almost never speaks? I've seen him very quiet. -I asked quietly.

Those words cut through the air of joy they felt and replaced it with a heavy one.

-Look Frisk –Asriel said with a low voice and a melancholy tone. -Just because right now he's not here, but mum told me that Kris suffers from anxiety and depression, we don't know exactly why, but she also told me that there are times when he has very strong attacks, and apart from that he's in a stage of his life with many changes in his body and mind, adolescence hit the poor lad very hard.

Asriel said he didn't know why, but I did know; it was because the poor boy had grown up in a boring town with an aura of negativity in a terribly dysfunctional family, with parents separated by problems who had nothing to see with him, a revived human sister addicted to dangerous substances who was isolated in rehabilitation, a revived goat brother who had committed heinous acts in the past in his flower form and was now away studying, and another human brother who was also far away and whomst he hardly ever saw because he was doing his job as ambassador. That was what gave me the most angery; thanks to the fucking politics I couldn't be there at his side, when he needed me the most.

-So, it's not because he wants to be like that, what we have to do is show him our support and understanding so that he trusts us, we just have to be patient, I know we'll get it –Asriel concluded.

All I could do was nod sadly, as Kris was walking back to the table and decided to continue eating my potosine red tacos.

We changed to a happier theme and I remember that other clients and also the staff themselves had approached us to say hello and welcome us, even Mr. QC by himself went and they did not charge us anything at the end as a celebration! (upon finding out, dad wishes he had ordered something) It definitely felt great to be back already, because although the town had its obvious imperfections, it was still home, my home.

Leaving the restaurant I needed to take a walk, there weren't many places to go, but I needed to go to the lake, and there wasn't much to do around there either, but at least we were able to walk around it. At eighteen o'clock in the afternoon, we decided that it was time to return to my mum's house, so we left dad at his flower shop, but not before giving him his gift that I brought him from the City. They were flower seeds, flowers that didn't exist in our region, flowers like cempasúchil, poinsettia, magnolias, amongst others; Dad was very grateful for his gift. I realised that I still had the eviction letter that I picked up from the ground, I didn't bring up that topic at any time of the day, and honestly I didn't feel like I should have do it, I didn't want to ruin such a beautiful moment with that topic, so I took the letter with me to my house with care that no one sees it, there would be an opportunity to discuss this situation at another time.

When we returned home and after dinner I wanted to go to sleep, but I stared at the eviction letter for a long time, thinking about what it meant, I still couldn't believe it. At that moment Chara entered my room.

-Hey! Whatchu doin', Frisky Friskie Frisk? -She told me smilingly.

-Come, close the door, I have to show you something -I told her.

-Um, okay, I guess -she said.

After she locked the door, I told her to sit next to me on the bed.

-I just hope you're not going to be thinking about...

-What? Of course it's not that! I interrupted her -Look at this.

I then showed her the letter and after reading it, her expression became one of astonishment, but one astonishment of the bad ones.

-What, WHAT? What's this?! –She said stunned. -What happened? Why did this happened?! Why didn't anyone ever say anything to me? Did you know about this, Frisk?

-Keep your voice down, you'll make the others find out, and no, I didn't know anything about this either, I found the paper lying around dad's house, but I didn't want to say anything -I replied.

-But why didn't you wanted to say anything? -She said in a lower voice. -You know what this means, right?

-Yes, I know perfectly well, but I think there will be an opportunity to discuss that at another time, I didn't want to make our day bitter, remember what Asriel told us about Kris, having brought up the subject would have been like a kick in the head.

Chara was silent for a few moments.

-Well, you're right, I think it was for the best after all, I think -she told me after her silence.

After another while of talking about the matter, Chara retired to her room to go to sleep (if she even were able to), but as soon as she went out the door she met mum who was going downstairs with a basket of dirty clothes in her hands.

-Oh, Chara, Frisk! Why have you locked yourselves in the room and locked it? I hope you are not thinking of doing any improper act that goes against the morals of this house.

-What? No! How do you think that? I only came because Frisk wanted to show me a funny video and we didn't want the other two to come in, that's all –Chara answered quickly.

I also made an excuse like Chara's, and we managed to make Mum believe us.

-Well, anyway, I am going to put the washing machine on, you kids go to sleep, okay?

"Yes, mummy." We said in unison.

Saying this, she separated, but before Chara locked herself in her room, I told her one last thing.

-Please, let this stay between you and me, I don't want the others to find out, we'll talk more about this later, can you do me that favour?

"Okay, I'm not going to tell anyone," she told me.

I knew I could trust her, and after that, I was finally able to go to sleep.
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2022.01.25 20:48 CosmixJulio Don’t listen to this man bruh

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2022.01.25 20:48 pokemanguy Quick remedies to breathe better?

After years of feeling frustrated for not understanding why I would constantly feel tired, have headaches, lack focus, be sore, possible sleep apnea, ADHD and depression like symptoms etc., I think that I may have come to the conclusion that I might have sinusitis a deviated septum or a recessed jaw which is affecting my breathing.
I’m going to get referred to an ENT and hope that this is finally the solution I’ve been looking for.
In the meantime, I was wondering if anybody had any tips of how to breathe better while I wait for an appointment? I am constantly tired due to feeling like it’s difficult for me to breathe right, and I can’t handle it anymore. This has been affecting me for such a long time, and I’m fed up, I hope that this helps solve this mystery because whatever it is, my quality of life has been severely affected. I’m hoping that these quick fixes can help me in the meantime because I’m tired of the constant fatigue, and it’s starting to make sense why even 3 cups of coffee would have virtually no effect on my fatigue. I’d really appreciate any help, I want to be a functioning human being.
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2022.01.25 20:48 DA_SHADOWMAN Need Help Transforming this PepeL to have hair like the person on the left. Their name is Zoil. Any help would be appreciated! Trying to render a blender animation and I need this character!

Need Help Transforming this PepeL to have hair like the person on the left. Their name is Zoil. Any help would be appreciated! Trying to render a blender animation and I need this character! submitted by DA_SHADOWMAN to PixelArt [link] [comments]

2022.01.25 20:48 OlympicPawLicker Primary caregivers of mommit: what do you do for work that is child/family friendly?

Currently dreading returning to work (as a city planner) and putting my son in daycare. Wishing I could find a new career that was flexible and more child friendly / respectful of my family’s needs!
Do these careers exist?!
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2022.01.25 20:48 Superb_Sock_4532 Question for anyone with an opinion

Hi Everyone,

I know we're all probably annoyed by all the NFT projects schilling themselves at this point. I had a thought though and I would love your opinions.

If there was a project that was looking to donate 50% of the money raised from NFT sales to Israel and the other 50% was used to build a synagogue in the metaverse so that we can have services with family members across the world, what would you think about it?

Please drop your thoughts, good or bad.

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2022.01.25 20:48 leggomyeggo696969 Jalen smith stream

With Ayton, Crowder, and McGee ruled out Wednesday would Jalen Smith be a good pickup?
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2022.01.25 20:48 dblwall BYE BYE Barry & Roger

Bonds and Clemens fell short again on their 10th and last try at the Hall of Fame. The special committee's can vote them in at a later date. Fuck em both
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2022.01.25 20:48 ghost1391a Reopening the Bot Crisis Case (2022)

Hello again, I’m back again for a another round of investigations into the Bot Crisis, if you don’t remember, I was the investigator into it back in 2020 when it started to ramp up. The original post is here
After scurrying around and trying to gather more evidence in private, there’s a lot to this than I thought. People, things, issues and groups and their vendetta, with a mix of lying and disinformation, all culminating in a document from one of the most prominent cheaters in TF2.
After 2 years, it’s time to reopen this case, but I now want to ask the greater community for their support, and if they have any evidence to help in backing this I investigation. Any support or evidence is welcome!
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2022.01.25 20:48 casedog08 Sprocket getting ready to block anything that comes his way as my middle hitter

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SHIHTZU ENGLISH PLAN !! PRESENTATION !! FULL DETAILS WHAT IS METAVERSE!! NFT !! MEME COIN !! submitted by crytoloover to coinmarketbag [link] [comments]

2022.01.25 20:48 notmandjtv Premiere Pro workspace bar bug/promblem

my workspace bar in premiere pro is missing while inside editing. i need help because i also stuffed up the workspaces. thanks
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2022.01.25 20:48 Cityzen_Chicago01 3rd Year Psych

Hey guys, im confused what units i enroll in for 3rd year psych. Im a full time student doing a bachelor of psych with honours and im planning on doing the honours year next year hopefully. Ive passed all my 2nd year subjects and finished my flexible zone (80 cp) thankfully. Based on some quick maths i have done 80 cp of psych units and have 160 of the 240 remaining. Im assuming thats 80 cp for 3rd and 4th year so 4 subjects each sem. But as i look at my study planner it says theyre is elective psych units and capstone ones for the 3rd year. But some seem to be both like design and stats 3 and psychopathology.
If anyone is enrolling for their 3rd year or has done theyre 3rd year and wouldn't mind sharing what they did it would be very appreciated.
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2022.01.25 20:48 costinmrr Huge difference between radiator thermostat temperature and actual temperature

I installed radiator thermostats 2 days ago and there is a problem in the baby's room. Whenever the heating starts (19°C), the thermostat's temperature goes wild, sometimes reaching 25-26°C and on two occasions it even went to 28°C. The actual temperature in the room goes for a short time above 19, then it goes below this level until the thermostat cools down and the process starts all over again. In all the other rooms I don't have this problem. The only difference is that this thermostat is closer to the wall than the others. But it is not covered by a curtain and the nearest furniture is ~40cm away.
Being in the baby room is annoying, because the ∆ temperature varies too much and the offset functionality can't be used, and we can't properly dress him overnight. Are there any tips on how to try to fix this?
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2022.01.25 20:48 Cheers2UandMe Just chillin til it gets warmer

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2022.01.25 20:48 Stechi_ My acnh L’manberg flower field almost complete!! When all else fails, make a 11x18 flower flag for a blown-up mc country… fanart ig?

My acnh L’manberg flower field almost complete!! When all else fails, make a 11x18 flower flag for a blown-up mc country… fanart ig? submitted by Stechi_ to dreamsmp [link] [comments]

2022.01.25 20:48 Achernar1307 First step!

Hey! Im kinda a beginner and made my first functional repository, Its a basic shell script text editor under development named SAL.
Take a look
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