Opinion: The many delusions of Russia-Ukraine ‘realists’

2022.01.25 20:25 BurstYourBubbles Opinion: The many delusions of Russia-Ukraine ‘realists’

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2022.01.25 20:25 RonaRat 2019 F150 XL steering wheel swap question

Has anyone ever swapped a leather steering wheel out of a higher trim f150 to an XL? My steering wheel is starting to wear funny and I would like to put a nicer one on
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2022.01.25 20:25 Unknown_Eternal I have now made a torrent

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2022.01.25 20:25 Used-Marsupial-5061 Exo mechs bug

If I play on a difficulty higher than expert like malice death which is what I'm trying to do when I get one of the mechs to 70 it just doesn't spawn the other two and it has a lag spike then the mech I chose respawns at 70 percent hp when I kill it the fight ends like normal has anyone else had this
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2022.01.25 20:25 helplesshope 😜

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2022.01.25 20:25 lostebonyidol Books on personal and financial responsibility?

Assume I'm 18 years old. I've just graduated high school. I know absolutely nothing about work or money or how to plan my life out intelligently.
What books should I read?
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2022.01.25 20:25 univornpineapple When did y’all realize that your something was “off” about your N-parents behavior?

I’ll go first. I was about 9 or 10 at the time in 4th grade and my teacher asked me to get her purse from the classroom. I had bad vision (n-mom refused to let me take an eye exam) so I had trouble locating her purse as it was beige like the filing cabinets she left it on. So when my teacher came after I couldn’t find it I was so scared that she was about to yell and tell me how dumb and stupid I was. All she did was say it’s okay it blends in with the cabinets and gave me a candy for my effort. Most of the adults at my elementary school were so kind when I made mistakes and I realized how my mom treated me wasn’t normal at all. I was verbally and physically abused for making normal mistakes as a child.
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2022.01.25 20:25 alspdx [US-OR] [H] Ai03 Polaris, ePBT beige PBT set, JWK V2 switches (Dogikon, Moss), Gazzew U4T [W] PayPal

Thinning the herd.
All prices include CONUS shipping and PayPal G+S fees. Items will be crossed out as they go pending or sold. Happy to answer any questions.
Comment with PM.

Item Description Price
E-White Polaris HHKB Brand new PCB! E-white with e-black weight from the final drop (new cases, refinished weights). Kit was used on-and-off for a few months with a hotswap PCB, so the original Polaris PCB has never been soldered, just tweezer tested to be sure that it's good. Gaskets are installed on the case so you can try different plates. Comes with a full PC plate, full POM plate (black, not pictured), case foam, plate foam, and original packaging. Very minor defect on the bottom by the weight. $400
Item Description Price
Kei CF full plate Tried briefly with a hotswap setup. Nice but ended up going a different direction. $60
Item Description Price
DZ60RGB-V2 hotswap + C3 stabs Hotswap, RGB underglow. 7U "tsangan"/HHKB/WKL layout. Comes with C3 stabs (charcoal housing, black wire). Tested working. $45
Item Description Price
ePBT dyesub 117 key "Black & Black" set Standard PBT classic beige 117 key keycap kit with black dyesub legends. Ran for a few months on TKL, no shine. Like this "Black & Blue" kit, but with black legends $75
Item Description Qty Price
JWK + Protozoa "Moss" Made with V2 molds, 67g springs. Stock. 110x $65
JWK + Infinity Key "Dogikon" Made with V2 molds, 63.5g springs. Stock, fancy case. 110x $65
Gazzew U4T 62g, stock. 70x $40
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2022.01.25 20:25 TheTurningz Every day is a new day

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2022.01.25 20:25 Freyax_ My friend “reached out”

Back in October she just randomly stopped picking up my calls. She was going through a lot at home so i made sure to give her space yet due to how depressed she gets I decided to message her once a day for her to feel as if she has someone. After a couple of weeks of her shutting me out she messaged me please, leave me alone.
This felt like a slap on the face because i was trying and didn’t want to leave her but I respect her new boundary and have not messaged her until today.
I woke up to a message of her where that tells me she has been thinking and is curious as to why i never reached out again.
There’s obviously more to the story buy if for a couple of weeks consistently she is ignoring me why is she surprised that I respect her decision???
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2022.01.25 20:25 CloudshiftBR Ei Fanart

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2022.01.25 20:25 LeafsAreCryBabies Best time to buy is NOW

Be concerned with what you can lose during this potential correction/bear market ....
With that said, If you buy GGPI at market open tomorrow, the most you can lose, is roughly 5%.
Which other companies with BILLIONS in revenue and aggressive expanse in an emerging market with great technology and amazing partnerships (who have locked in scaled production of their product) can offer that?
Honestly, ask yourself. There are NO OTHERS. None that will do the aforementioned, at the moment. And certainly no SPACs that can do all that AND are this close to NAV right NOW.
Be smart, but also, be cognizant of markets to go back to "normal" in 1-3 months. If/when they START to climb, the bottom levels for this stock will be 11.00-12.00.
The current price of 10.50 is an excellent starting point. Of course, it can go down, but if you're in for at least 3 months before merger (which, if you're in for any less time, you're doing it wrong) you can weather price changes in the arena of 2-3%.
Good luck GGPI holders!
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2022.01.25 20:25 sweatychair This might not be included in the final game, but I love it so much... "No Humanity 2"

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2022.01.25 20:25 chopperfive Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz lone inductee into Baseball Hall of Fame

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2022.01.25 20:25 ACO7 Any GOOD & Knowledgeable Massachusetts VSO recommendations?

As stated above looking for a good VSO as I’ve a had a bad experience with one already who wasn’t helpful (opposite of good & knowledgeable) Thanks in advance.
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2022.01.25 20:25 Liquid-Venom This game looks so good this has to be the one of the best looking games on PlayStation

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2022.01.25 20:25 Tetanus_Fiesta Green M&M

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2022.01.25 20:25 Conscious-Bus-1387 Nano vs Uno code?

Is there any difference if something is originally meant to be put on a nano? Can I load the code to an an Uno instead and have it work?
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2022.01.25 20:25 OCR10 Sam’s Club Membership

Do any of you Costco members also shop at Sam’s Club and carry both memberships? I’m curious to see if you have found any benefit to shopping at both locations.
I tried a Sam’s Club membership when they had a promotional $20 annual fee to sign up. I found it sort of similar to Costco, at least for general groceries and cleaning products. But where it was really disappointing was looking for any higher end products (like Sonos speakers, cashmere sweaters, Segway scooters, etc.)
But what I found most frustrating is virtually everything they sell online is out of stock. It’s almost a joke. Every time I would try to find something it was unavailable. Costco’s online store has been very reliable for me.
Other than that I found the Sam’s Club stores were pretty disorganized so it wasn’t as easy to find things. My only motivation for going there was that they did have a few things that Costco never carries, like frozen onion rings and French fries, or sugar free barbecue sauce.
Am I missing anything? I haven’t been back to a Sam’s Club in over a year so maybe they have solved some of the COVID supply problems they were having previously. Both stores are equal distance from my home so I don’t mind joining again if there is any value to it.
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2022.01.25 20:25 Due-Percentage69 Cursed_Nut

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2022.01.25 20:25 Floatinhead Yikes!

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2022.01.25 20:25 Many_Tumbleweed_7053 CRYPTYDE

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2022.01.25 20:25 DogsGoatsCatsandBun Buying back covered calls?

Sold a few covered calls at 2.00 strike not thinking it would go past 2.00 this week and I'd collect a small premiem even if we had a mini bounce... Question is, WHY does it show up 150%? And what can I do with this? I planned on just making some dough from a mini run up and keep the premiem. What other options do I have? If I "sell" it now what really happens?​ I already used the premiem to buy more shares 🐸
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2022.01.25 20:25 UsuallySortKwik Is there a bank with a free coin star?

I have about $20 worth of change, and one day I might go to a self check out to just unloaded on a purchase, but it would be less embarrassing to go to a bank with a free coin sorting machine…
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2022.01.25 20:25 TinyBotTim GTFO w/ Bob, Sean, Wade - Part 5

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