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Best AIO cooler (140mm)?

Square 140mm frame . The NF-A14's square 140mm frame with 140mm mounting holes (124.5mm spacing) makes it a premium grade replacement for common 140mm case fans and perfect for use on 140mm water cooling radiators, where its square shape will ensure full coverage and best pressure performance. The NF-A14 is a premium quality quiet 140mm fan with a square frame that complies with Noctua’s AAO(Advanced Acoustic Optimisation) standard. Its square shape and 140mm mounting holes (124.5mm spacing) make it ideal for use on watercooling radiators or as an upgrade for 140mm case fans. Identifying Fan Type (3 Pin or 4 Pin PWM): Please Note: Some fans may have a 4 pin connector but only 3 wires going into the back of the connector. This is still considered a 3 pin fan. 1. A 4 pin PWM fan connector will have four square holes on the front and four wires entering the back. Buy Montech X2 MESH Black ATX Mid-Tower Case/High Airflow, Fine Mesh Front Panel, Full Glass Side Panel , Pre-Installed 2 x 140mm, 1 x 120 mm Rainbow Led Fans with fast shipping and top-rated customer service. Once you know, you Newegg! Buy MSI MAG Series CORELIQUID 280R, ARGB CPU Liquid Cooler (AIO): Rotatable Blockhead Design, 280mm Radiator, Dual 140mm ARGB PWM Fans LGA 1700 Compatible with fast shipping and top-rated customer service. Once you know, you Newegg! 140mm No Compromise Silence and Performance. be quiet! Silent Wings 3 140mm stands for state-of-the-art technology, virtually inaudible operation and superior cooling. It meets all the requirements to be a perfect choice for heat sinks, PC cases and radiators. Virtually inaudible operation at max. 15.5dB(A) The Scythe Kaze Flex 140mm case fans are simply THE BEST fans you can buy in this category considering value-performance-acoustics once again. This fan has the same great specs as its smaller counterpart, in a bigger 140mm frame (140 x 140 x 27mm) which is a great thing to hear since the 120mm version is also the best in its category. SFF Case with PSU, AIO, and Riser Card. The all-new NZXT H1 provides a beautifully small vertical chassis, maintaining full-sized GPU compatibility.

2022.01.25 20:37 Everage_reddit_user Best AIO cooler (140mm)?

I have a h510i case, what is the best AIO cooler that I can get? (Up to $150)
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2022.01.25 20:37 Different-Market6516 b2b cayo 3 times PINK DIAMOND 3 GOLD (HARD)

Hmu if you have the same and we will run it
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2022.01.25 20:37 iSuffee i youre wrost nitemayor!!!1!

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2022.01.25 20:37 crytoloover BakeryToken Price Prediction 2022, 2025, 2030 BAKE Price Forecast

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2022.01.25 20:37 YTLinkerBot residential. & skele - numb4

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2022.01.25 20:37 Ok-Construction5775 [Kazakh? > English] what is this bot saying

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2022.01.25 20:37 reallyverydrunk Shit I look forward to week-to week or so.

Emphasis on shit...no surprises if you've been here a while I guess! Feel free to add yours, as you can see I could use something to watch/read
Tuesdays *The webtoons Stagtown, Unlucky is as unlucky does,homesick *
Fridays webtoons Love advice from the Archduke of Hell, Tacit, Third shift Society and "i'm sorry Mom!"
Saturday and Sunday bundle webtoons Men of the Harem, Viral Hit
things i'm looking forward to at uncertain/unfixed future dates
webtoons Phase,Boyfriend of the Dead, Nao Hong and Shin Fang, Not so Shujo love story
youtube stuff Pregame dishcharge, Scp Sedition, Fate Unlimited Bladeworks abridged Helluva Boss + Hazbin Hotel if that's not t.v proper now.
Other Better Call Saul final season, The Devil is a part-timer, Tales from the Gas Station Final(main series) book
Apart from that I suppose I have some weight-loss milestones to look forward to now that i'm cleaning up my act for a year.
I'm anxious/dreading normal social contact again but I should want that....
...aaaand if my horrible sibling does arrive here I hopefully will get a set-in-stone time for the asshole to leave.
Also of course a miracle lotto win to get me my own place and not have to be anxious that i've been a neet since the pandemic in spite of actually trying to get work which hasn't been going great.
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2022.01.25 20:37 TwoDogKnight How Donald Trump and COVID Destroyed the Democratic Party

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2022.01.25 20:37 TheGza1 Estudante questiona Bolsonaro no cercadinho do Alvorada: 'O senhor é uma farsa, presidente' - CartaCapital

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2022.01.25 20:37 Complex_Price_8460 Germany vows financial aid for Ukraine after diplomatic row

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2022.01.25 20:37 KefrinArdel Which pack has "Ancient Rule" ?

which of the packs have that card? Need one to craft copies.
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2022.01.25 20:37 legendariusss Saw this long line on Queen St this morning, what was that about?

It was like at the top of queen street. Anyone know what it was about?
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2022.01.25 20:37 heap-spray-n-pray Isn't the push to fight populism inherently anti-democratic?

Like many others, I thought this sub was satire at first lol. I did some work in the Mecca of neoliberalism (DC) and one thing I've noticed at many of the long-form panels/talks - especially in foreign policy spheres - is the need to curb the rise of populism. I was always kind of taken aback by those statements given by the "experts" at places like the Atlantic Council, Brookings, etc. given I myself am definitely a populist. I'm genuinely curious as to why there are calls up and down the aisle of neoliberalism to fight the rise of populism? Isn't that how democracy works?
P.S. Good answers give you a good word from yours truly when the Bastille is stormed, cheers
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2022.01.25 20:37 einsudani Antlion

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2022.01.25 20:37 Its_Just_A_Hobby Price Check: Responder Fireman Helmet / AA/E/15 Fixer

Either sold separately or as a bundle, thanks
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2022.01.25 20:37 13curseyoukhan Too young to retire but at risk for Covid, older Americans struggle to find work

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2022.01.25 20:37 Mirakolix The key to wait and crowley 2

The major arcana represents the male energy, the court cards represent the female energy in all aspects. So the minor arcana is the energy of the son, the third energy that arises out of male and female energy.The field of the brother also. 3 is also the geometric structure of the detraeder and our flame body. When a drop of whater falls and hits the watersurface, it cunstructs a geometric body thats called a hyperbolic cone. This cone has a visible body and a body under the surface that mirrors it, that is not visible. That forms a pyramid. It forms the rooms structure and in it there is a floating spiral. That's the law, how every physical body is built, in the cubes structure, the three dimensional room. Also our body works on this concept. The head part has the soft matter in it, arround a harder matter outside the skullcap. There, where we need to have the biggest output of movement, the harder matter as hip bones are inside, outside is the soft matter, the bottox. Thats where we sit and we sozialise. At the sozius.
Everything in nature is build to fit a frequency in that hyperbolic cone.


Thats the spiral that also runs thru the cards. When the spiral is thin the frequency is high. At the outer more apart whirls the frequency is lower. The things can float slow or fast, in all directions at this more apart zones. Then the spirals floats togather again and the frequency is more high. That is also our relationship to god that we have. We evolve till the far ends to a point where it cant go on, where we the most far apart from the godly energy we come from. Then we turn back to the inner frequencies of this spiral. Emotions float like water. Water is the carrier of the emotions. We talked about the big kundalini cycle and the small kundalini cycle. The small kundalini cycle has the 3 in the middle. So our physical realm is controlled by this energy. The energy where the wisdom is given from brother to brother under the exclusion of female energy. Thats when they say the whore of babilon. The female energy seeks compensation for that inbalance. The symbol for that are the plejadies and their symbolic. The dove, or the crop. There is a kollective kundalini process and a individual. The kollective is how we interact as a society, on a bigger fractal scale. There is the question if society acts consciously and if the individum acts in resonance to society. These things are happening in second with the fourth Chakra as mirror in the background, as far as the mental aspect goes. The second chakra is the chakra where we have liquids and how they float togather, emotions, metabolism. The pyramid for the third chakra is also the big stone that holds the sword in place. There is also a geometric structure for that. It plays a big part in mathmatics. It's called the sirpinski triangle.


The knowledge is seald off in that pyramid, physicly in the gizeh pyramid. Since that time there is the kollective society consciousness influenced and held in that kind of pyramid, like our soul in our physical fire body. Every company is build up like that, nearly every common structure where more humans work togather to fullfill a goal. The guy who controlls that structure is hermes tris magistos. He does that from the heart the next level, the fourth. There sits the hearts crystal. The geometric body is the oktaeder. He is the master from the three chakras under four, the heart and the three chakras above. And in the heart he got that mastership. The green colour is associated with that. He syncronated the big cycle thru the center. The hidden philosophy. The philosophy of hermes is hidden behind the 3 walls on each side. Those where freemasonary comes from. In german we say Freimaurer and Mauer is a wall, so Maurer is a wallmaker.
The soul can be in different emotional stages aswell. The individual kundalini process. Everyone of us is in one chakra more active then the others. There can be mashups but you still have in a specific one a higher tendency.
Individual minor arcana
1 childish emotion sweet
2 parental emotion sour
3 emotion of the friendship salty
4 public emotion easement to society burning, hot
5 freedom emotion. bitter, astringend
We all run thru that stages when we grow up and mature then we have a family, we have a company, we have friends we get older, then at the end we reach the freedom emotion. When we die all what is not in resonance to that 5 at the end falls out the system. What is resonance, the essence enters the system again.
So each Ace card represents one of these emotions. One and five is swords. The sword aspects are at the beginning and at the end. The ohter stuff is happening between it. Thats good shown in wait tarot. We have cups for the parental emotion, pentacles for friendship as number three, easement to society for heart as number four. There is also a negative aspect of these five emotions and thats called forming of a knighthood. A knighthood forms to equalize the system, whenever it's out of balance. For childish its horror. For parental is fear. For friendship is anger. Easement to society is poor hearted. The last emotion for the freedom thats war.
These are the first 10 emotions. Thats why each of the four rows in the minor arcana has 10 possible shapings. Then its mirrored again for the next levels of emotions.
Waite tarot. Lets put down the minor arcanas with their correct names in the correct order starting by the fifth level down to one. Five and one is the same, sword. In between we have the other suits. The far ends touch eachother by inverting, mirroring it.
ace of swords, 2 victory (freedom), 3 grief, 4 rest or truce,5 defeat
ace of wands,2 to master,3 to trust, 4 to cheer, 5 ambition
6 to be cheered at, 7 to act (out of the heart), 8 overcome, 9 passion, 10 burden /qualities of the heart
ace of disks, 2trading (acting on that level),3 labor,4 feasibility, 5 poverty
6 goodness, 7 fail, 8 diligently, 9 success, 10 wealth and anger.
ace of cups, 2 love, 3 voluptuousness, 4 care, 5 disappointment ( to leave the family for the mature child under good or bad circumstances)
6 enchantment, 7 disenchantment, 8 deviate from the middle ( heart), 9 find the middle (back to the heart) and 10 exhaust (is the end of the creation when the family is complete and the cycle can start fresh) When you turn the 10 of cups upside down you can see the cup has emtied.
6 escape or suppress, 7 strike back, 8 victim, 9 horror,10 war

Our earth is shaped like an egg, its not perfectly round its oval. The middle axis builds up a imaginary circle. Thats called the precession. With this precession the zodiac signs rise and fall. At different times a sign is active and others are not. In the kollective process we went from piscies to aquarious. Each sign is active for ca. 2 160 years. A full circle needs ca. 13 000 years to fullfill.
At virgo we have the kundalini fall. At gemini is the darkest age where our inner self is no more connected to the kollective and the most far away point from "god", the golden energy. Piscies is the kundalini spring where we go up to the golden age again. The sagittarius is the kundalini summer where we are at the hight of evolvement. Then it goes down again another cycle. It's always a breathing in and breathing out. At lion is where the gizeh pyramids where build and the old knowledge from the golden age was seald and protected for the dark age, to be brought back again at aquarious, the age of information. This information is transported thru the trident. Its no coincidence that the usb port at our computers has also that symbol. On what we use our computers now our body normaly has that functions, but it is not activated yet, because we just enter the next hight of energie in sagittarious. The activation come's thru our dna and the light energy that is floating in it. This light is regulated by the sun and on what frequency it gets energy from space, from our anchor the plejadies. Our earth, with our solarsystem, enters and exit's this band from the plejadies. At the 8.11.1999 we entered this band again. Now we get an energy that can be used for us, by the sun and by our earth and our dna. When we enter the band from the other side the energie couldn't be used.

The aries means knowledge. In german we say widder its from vedar. The four vedars where the essence of the knowledge is written down. The storage is the taurus he is at the yoke. The scorpion is his opposite. Scorpion and eagle are the same. That's a symbole for Johann. He takes him in the pliers, if he is in his ego state of mind. Is the energy balanced, then he carries him. They kinda work togather then. Therefore the symbolic of the colourfull bird, the running bird, or the faucet is used. But the taurus only is draged if he gets mature enough. At this point the taurus looses his head. That's Johann the baptist. In some religions we have the faucet with the cut of head, instead the head of that faucet we find the head of the emperor or who ever. This process is happening in the aries sign. Thats the point when the essence of matureness can really be dragged else where. The gemini are the arms that sits left and right. They build up the flanks. They flank the heart and lung area. Thats the theme of rolling the tide. Thats where the horseman of the apocalyps starts his ride. The dance of shiva. The chest area is the cancer. Cancer builds up the shield. Its for the thyroid and thymus gland. Cancer is the fighter with the chainmail. Cancer thru his shell seems to seal of wate emotions from him. The scorpion is resonating and working with this wate emotions and can use it as poison for example. He internalized it so to say. Cancer on the other end, is the red shield where emotionality is vanishing behind it, or blocked off. That's also in connection to compassion, of the fourth chakra. The lion sits in the heart and hide behind the wall of the heart. He observes the emotionality that is happening between the arms, in polarity of left and right. That is very hypnotic for him and he is fascinated how it pulses and he jumps behind that carrier of that heart chakra. The lion is to slow to get it, but he understands the essence of sociality and he ambushes it . Sociality comes from the third chakra the solar plexus. The location where the lion is crying, when he can't come after this gazelle. The lion jumps out of that wall and the godess trinity is riding him. That's the sphinx that jumps out of the obelisc. The claw of the lion stands for breaking the third seal or chakra. That's the first seal. The other seal is the first the cube where the firebody is in, that must be opened by the two keys. The emotional aspect from the second chakra is also the emotional backround of the first chakra and the third chakra that are more structural male.
Individualy sodiac embodies aswell the parts of the body. Kollectivly in lion the old atlantic golden times from saggitarius are over, the kundalini summer. The knowledge or the energy from this time was walled in and sealed in the pyramid structure. That was hermes tris magistos 13 000 years ago. The claw of the lion cuts in his stomac, the sphinx and opens that structure again. At cancer the emotionality of the female energy is vanishing behind the red shield and in gemini that process is at it's peak. At taurus with agriculture the humans settled again. At aries the lost knowedge from that time is in focus. In picies that knowledge slowly comes back to society and in aquarius the cycle wents to his climax again. Thats the age of information of the fifth chakra. Capricorn and sagittarius are at the hight of civilisation. At scorpion or eagle, the axis splits up in 2 poles. That is to be equalized in libra. One part is starting the new downward spiral as "unclean" magdalena energy. The other part goes into the solarstream as "clean". At the fifth level there is a "secret" bridge between the planets at the informational level in the background. The sound bridge. This bridge is also called rainbowbridge and connects the planets to eachother. The cosmic sound is called xymox. A bridge between the planes over the structure of sound.
Earth - Uranus
Mars - Saturn
Jupiter- Asteroid belt / destroid planet marduk
Venus - Neptun
Mercury - Pluto
Sun - Shiron
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2022.01.25 20:37 billy_childish Reciever & Speakers recomendations

Hey gang!
We got a Samsung 75" Class TU7000 Crystal UHD 4K Smart TV and we're looking to improve the audio output. From a little research I understand we'd be best off with a receiver. We have a budget from 1,200 to 1,800 USD for the reciever and speakers and the space where we have the tv is around 6m square. What do you guys suggest we get for around that budget?
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2022.01.25 20:37 BeeSqweet Is this baby auto ready to be chopped & hung? It’s tucked away in the same grow tent as my Photo flower

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2022.01.25 20:37 andry37 Webcam Low Framerate (8fps)

Hello everyone.
I wanted to use my old EyeToy Silver camera on my Linux Machine (I'm using MX-Linux) but when i plugged in it works with max 8fps @ 640x480 and 15fps @ 320x240, while with some drivers that i found for Windows 10 it works fine at 25fps @ 640x480.
Here's the v4l2-ctl output:

v4l2-ctl --all 
Driver Info: Driver name : ov519 Card type : EyeToy USB camera Namtai Bus info : usb-0000:28:00.3-4 Driver version : 5.14.16 Capabilities : 0x85200001 Video Capture Read/Write Streaming Extended Pix Format Device Capabilities Device Caps : 0x05200001 Video Capture Read/Write Streaming Extended Pix Format Priority: 2 Video input : 0 (ov519: ok) Format Video Capture: Width/Height : 640/480 Pixel Format : 'JPEG' (JFIF JPEG) Field : None Bytes per Line : 640 Size Image : 115790 Colorspace : JPEG Transfer Function : Default (maps to sRGB) YCbCHSV Encoding: Default (maps to ITU-R 601) Quantization : Default (maps to Full Range) Flags : Streaming Parameters Video Capture: Frames per second: invalid (0/0) Read buffers : 2
User Controls brightness 0x00980900 (int) : min=0 max=255 step=1 default=127 value=127 flags=slider 
saturation 0x00980902 (int) : min=0 max=255 step=1 default=127 value=127 flags=slider power_line_frequency 0x00980918 (menu) : min=0 max=2 default=0 value=0 0: Disabled 1: 50 Hz 2: 60 Hz
Is there a workaway to make it works properly?
Thanks in advance! 🙂
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2022.01.25 20:37 nedaemed “mysterious stranger” - my first try

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2022.01.25 20:37 ObScEANe Best game to play whilst working from home?

I work from home and have multiple monitors, what is a game I can play whilst working and interact with every so often and see progression?
Preferably multiplayer
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2022.01.25 20:37 ezikler Ukraine tells citizens ‘sleep well’ as US warns Russia ally Belarus

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2022.01.25 20:37 Strict_Complaint_735 6 Signs Something Could Be Up With Your Sexual Health

6 Signs Something Could Be Up With Your Sexual Health Looking after your sexual health is just as important as any other area of your health. In England alone, over 400,000 people are newly diagnosed with sexually transmitted infections (STIs) each year, and this figure is by no means falling.
Readmore : https://medicaldailypress.blogspot.com/2021/07/6-signs-something-could-be-up-with-your.html
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2022.01.25 20:37 teduh Skee Mask - "Dolby" [ambient experimental electronic]

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